Truck on Beach + Rainbow

The truck rattled in the wind, and droplets of water were smeared all over our vehicles, as me (a storm chaser) and a few of my fellow workers headed straight to the location where our boss expected a tornado to show up any minute. The sky was darker then ever and it was very alarming for me, but for my instructor, it was perfect. We arrived at the location, the exact co-coordinates given to us, it was very muddy and I was worried that when we had to make our breakaway, we would get stuck. But I had to cope with the fear and worries, because its my job and once you sign onto something, you gotta stick to it. Im not a quitter, and it needs to be done by someone, so I do it, something I was soon to regret.

We spotted a funnel cloud within seconds we arrived, we yanked our equipment out of the vehicles and got prepared. Our instructor said that it was unlikely for the storm to head towards us, so we got comfortable. Suddenly a huge wind slammed into us, sending my workers and I, and the tornado, into a different direction. The tornado swirled towards us at an incredible speed, unlike anything id ever seen before. We panicked, quickly swarming into our trucks, speeding up the road with the tornado riding up on us. I looked out the back window of the truck, to see our equipment being torn to pieces by the power and fury of the massive storm. Buckets upon buckets of rain smashed onto our vehicle as we fled the scene and there was a huge knot in my stomach as I felt more scared then one could imagine.

The tornado faded away in the distance and the rain slowed down as we left the country. We didn’t realize it in the pressure of the moment, but we somehow ended up on a empty beach, and a beautiful rainbow leaded us to freedom from what is still to this the most terrifying moments of my life. I quit my job the next day as I could never put myself through something even remotely similar to that ever again. And I haven’t regretted it since.


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