Challenge 9: Family Guy (TV SHOW) Review

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So I know this isn’t a “book, film or game review” as listed on CHALLENGE 9 post, but they have created a movie off this series, so I think it counts? Anyways, here it is! 

I have been watching this show for a few years now and I personally think its hilarious. Family Guy has been on for 11 seasons now and just this past weekend hit there 200th episode, and all of the episodes haven’t ceased to make me at least smile.  I wont lie though, even the show is called family guy, this show contains a lot of content that is not very “family friendly”, and if you watch it with your mom and dad every even slightly inappropriate part is likely to lead to a very awkward moment.  So considering this, the age demographic that I recommend for this show would be 13+.  Another reason I say this is because it has a lot of complex humor and references that kids may not understand, which would retract what makes family guy funny. All together, Family Guy is a great show that has great plots, is very funny, and in some situations can be quite relate-able. I give it an 8/10 star rating, and love it, but how about you? Leave a comment below and ill be sure to read it.                  —–  IMAGE SOURCE —–

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  1. I watched this show for the first time when I was out west this summer. I thought it was hilarious too, but then I had to turn it off because I was “disturbed” by some of the content.

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