OK so I’ve been having people come up to me asking me questions and i’m tried of having to explain things so I made a Q&A. If you have any different questions leave a comment or let me know in person.

Q= The Games are not showing up!
A= I have put up multiple posts about this but just in case you don’t know, you MUST be using Google Chrome. For some people it works in Interent Explorer, but for most people it doesn’t. Im still trying to fix it but until then, use GOOGLE CHROME WEB BROWSER

Q= How do I get to older posts?
A= At the bottom of the home page, there is a button that says “Older Entries”. Click on that.

Q= How do you get to the games?
A= At the top of the homepage, there is a bar that says “Home”, “About” and “Games”. Click on Games.

Q= How did you get so many views?
A= I have no idea why I have a lot of views, but it does help if you do really good posts so Mrs. Wyatt will mention you on her blog. Also leave comments on other people blogs around the world.


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